Vacancy Details

Overview of the Legal Group

Comcare is a statutory body established under the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 (SRC Act), with a focus on participation and productivity through healthy and safe workplaces. 

Comcare administers the Commonwealth's statutory framework for rehabilitation and workers' compensation under the SRC Act and is the national work health and safety regulator under the federal Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (WHS Act). 

Comcare also manages common law liabilities under the Asbestos-related Claims (Management of Commonwealth Liabilities) Act 2005 (ARC Act) and supports both the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission and the Seafarers Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Authority.

The Legal Group provides legal services and support to Comcare to perform these functions and is based in both Canberra and Melbourne. 

The work of the Legal Group is diverse and varied, and includes:

  • investigation and prosecution support regarding alleged breaches of the WHS Act;
  • legal advice and decision support for Comcare’s claims management functions, conducting merits review proceedings in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT), conducting judicial appeals and providing legal and strategic advice on evidence and risk;
  • legal advice and support for all legislation administered by Comcare, including corporate and governance functions;
  • legal advice and support for all of Comcare’s administrative legal functions;
  • developing delegated legislation and support to Comcare’s involvement in developing primary legislation;
  • responding to external review enquiries;
  • supporting the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission and Seacare Authority; and monitoring and managing litigation across the Comcare scheme.

Overview of the Team and role

The Legal Advice and Strategy Team provides legal advice to Comcare on the general interpretation and development of all Comcare legislation, including the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (WHS Act), Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 (the SRC Act), the Seacare Act and other public sector related legislation.

The team also provides legal advice and support on a broad range of matters including but not limited to the claims against the Seacare fund, governance and corporate operations such as procurement and general commercial law, and governance issues relating to Comcare.

The team provides assistance to Comcare to support the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission (SRCC), the Seacare Authority and provides legal support for Comcare’s governance and corporate operations more broadly. 

Under supervision, the Legal Adviser supports the development of client-focused legal advice and support to Comcare staff on legal and policy matters. 

The Legal Adviser will manage risk effectively and manage their workload in a manner consistent with the APS Values and Code of Conduct, the Legal Services Directions 2017, and internal Comcare procedures.

Mandatory Qualifications

  • Undergraduate degree in law.
  • Admission as a legal practitioner of the High Court or the Supreme Court of an Australian State or Territory.
  • Current Practising Certificate or ability to obtain one within three months. 

How to apply

Please review the Job Information Pack below and provide a statement of claims with your responses outlining what you could bring to this position including your skills, experience and knowledge relevant to the job specific capabilities and role (maximum 2 pages).