Vacancy Details

Comcare’s Claims Management Temporary Employment Register is used to fill temporary employment opportunities in the Claims Management Group at the APS3, APS4, APS5 and APS6 Levels.

The Claims Management Group delivers Comcare’s claims management services. Claims Management roles are both challenging and rewarding. We work with people during difficult times to support them in their recovery and return to work and in doing so we can make a positive impact to people’s lives, their employer, and the broader community. 

Claims Management roles are diverse ranging from:

  • operational roles where you will work within a team responsible for the direct management of claims. Roles here include claims manager and support roles performing administrative and support tasks
  • governance, project management and other support roles
  • data, analytics and financial roles, and
  • contract management, procurement and administration roles.

Roles may perform a range of operational and administrative tasks with the extent of the duties being determined by the level and role requirements at which the vacancy is offered and for varying periods up to 18 months based on agency needs.

Temporary Claims Management roles can suit a wide range of applicants including:

  • Recent university graduates
  • School leavers
  • Current university students in their final year of study (for example students enrolled in business, legal, allied health and clinical disciplines)
  • Job seekers looking for a career shift and are interested in service delivery and case management
  • People returning to the workforce.

How to apply

Before you register for non-ongoing employment you will need to sign in or register on the Comcare Web Recruitment System using a valid email address.  Once signed in to apply for the Claims Management Temporary Employment, click on the "Apply" button at the top of the screen and submit your resume via the Comcare Web Recruitment system.

Please note

  1. Registration on the Claims Management Temporary Employment Register records your interest in working at Comcare. It does not guarantee a position becoming available or an offer of non-ongoing employment.